Flor de Loto

Обложка альбома Flor de LotoFLOR DE LOTO is currently the most prominent prog rock new group in Peru: in only a few months' time they turned from promise-status to major act while growing a cult following in Lima. This instrumental quartet was founded by guitarist Alonso Herrera and bassist Alejandro Jarrín with a guitar/bass/keyboard/drums format, back in 1998. A couple of years later, new drummer Jorge Puccini entered the band and helped it to develop its initial prog leanings further, a process that was effectively continued when flautist Rafael Valderrama also entered the band not too long after the keyboardist's departure. The recording process of their eponymous debut album lasted more than six months: things seemed to get really difficult as Valderrama left when the recording sessions were not yet finished, but new flautist Johnny Pérez (a charismatic veteran musician) came in and helped the band to keep on going. Released in January 2005, "Flor de Loto" stands out as one of the best Latin American prog albums of the year. FLOR DE LOTO's prog style is based on a solid confluence of various sources: jazz, hard rock, psych-rock, Andean folk, chamber.
  • Трек: Flor De Loto (Album Version)
  • Исполнитель (артист): Beatriz Luengo
  • Длительность 4:16
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Видео клип "Beatriz Luengo - Flor De Loto (Album Version)"

  • 4:36
    Flor de LotoRegression (feat. Fabio Lione)
  • 5:35
    Flor de LotoQuinta Dimensión
  • 7:28
    Flor de LotoDécimo Planeta
  • 5:19
    Flor de LotoCruz del Sur
  • 5:43
    Flor de LotoElementos
  • 4:44
    Flor de LotoFragilidad
  • 3:04
    El Negro Peregrino y Su TrioFlor de Loto
  • 6:19
    Héroes Del SilencioFlor De Loto (Directo)
  • 6:19
    Héroes Del SilencioFlor De Loto
  • 4:28
    Héroes Del SilencioFlor De Loto (Edit) [2000 Remastered Version]
  • 3:32
    Flor de LotoLuz de Luna
  • 4:34
    Flor de LotoRegression
  • 5:55
    Flor de LotoPastoral Idyl (Reaching the Stars)
  • 8:08
    Flor de LotoMadre Tierra
  • 5:19
    Flor de LotoDesapareciendo
  • 2:12
    Santi VegaLa Flor de Loto
  • 9:34
    Flor de LotoPastoral Idyl, Pt. 2
  • 6:15
    Héroes Del SilencioFlor de Loto (2012 Remastered Version)
  • 4:57
    Flor de LotoEl Charango Perdido
  • 3:22
    Quinteto ContrapuntoFlor de Loto (Vals Tachirense)
  • 3:07
    Flor de LotoEl Mensajero
  • 6:49
    Flor de LotoOdisea
  • 3:39
    Flor de LotoDanza Celta
  • 3:15
    Flor de LotoAntares
  • 3:37
    Flor de LotoLa Ley de la Vida
  • 4:27
    Flor de LotoSupernova
  • 4:09
    Flor de LotoAndaluces
  • 7:04
    Flor de LotoMedusa
  • 6:14
    Heroes del silencioFlor de loto
  • 4:43
    Flor de LotoAmnesia
  • 6:37
    BunburyFlor de loto - Radical Sonora Tour
  • 4:54
    Flor de LotoNoche Azul
  • 4:20
    Flor de LotoAyahuasca
  • 6:13
    Héroes del SilencioFlor de Loto - MTV unplugged
  • 5:48
    Flor de LotoAtlantis
  • 6:52
    Flor De LotoMedusa
  • 9:52
    Flor de LotoCreados del fuego
  • 8:08
    Flor de lotoMadre Tierra
  • 6:26
    Flor de LotoImperio de Cristal
  • 6:16
    héroes del silencio - the platinum collection6. Flor De Loto
  • 4:26
    Flor de Loto (2014)Nuevo Mesías
  • 7:33
    Flor de LotoDespertar
  • 5:34
    Flor de LotoVolver a Nacer
  • 11:31
    Flor de LotoMundos bizarros
  • 6:13
    Heroes Del SilencioFlor De Loto
  • 6:47
    Flor de Loto (2014)En otro lugar
  • 2:53
    Flor de lotoFlor de loto
  • 4:22
    Flor de Loto (2014)04. Cumbemayo